We are COMA from Cologne. We play and produce electronic music. This is our website, where you can find dates and links and stuff. Like us on Facebook, listen to some music on Soundcloud or follow us on Twitter. Our last EP »Atlantis« is available on Beatport or Kompakt's website. The beautiful artwork is made by Edi Winarni.

In 2013 we have released our debut album »In Technicolor«. You can buy it at Kompakt Records or from your local record dealer on Vinyl and CD. Or just get the digital version at Beatport. You can watch the video for our first single »Hoooooray«, drawn and animated by our buddy Nils Knoblich on Youtube. Our 2nd single My Orbit is available at Kompakt Records or Beatport and includes 2 wonderful Remixes by Dauwd and Clouds. You can also stream the Single Edit on Pitchfork or play a videogame in our orbit. And if you are still interested, you could watch a making-of »In Technicolor« here. Last fall we released an EP with remixes of »In Technicolor«. This one features artists like Roosevelt, Terranova, Zombies In Miami, Computer Camp and Rotkraft. You can buy it here. Begin of 2014 we released our last album video for the track »Missing Piece«, directed by Dominique Lucien Garaudel. Thank you Carl, thank you Maria. We are currently working on album number 2, which will be out soon. This website is designed by Julius Terlinden.